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our unique DDP customs product

Do you export to the EU?

europa flow empowers you to export on DDP terms, taking care of duty payments and customs clearances in advance of delivery - and avoiding unnecessary hold-ups in transit.

europa flow also removes all hassle from your EU customer by zero-rating their VAT.

Help your business stay competitive in the EU - contact our expert team today.

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With an ever-growing list of customers, we've got post-Brexit customs nailed. 

Our friendly, dedicated team will support you at every step of your europa flow journey.

For over 50 years we’ve provided trusted logistics services across the UK and beyond, including express, groupage, full and part loads, and timed collection and delivery. We pride ourselves on building solid, long-term relationships with our customers, based on quality of service and value for money.

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customs simplified with europa flow

This video explains how customs works, why goods get delayed and how Europa Flow keeps goods flowing smoothly.

"We started to use Europa for shipments from the UK into the European Union after Brexit and found the Europa Flow service met the needs of our customers there. Europa management supported the implementation well and delivered the actions they promised both during and after the implementation in due time. As a result, our deliveries of our hearing aid batteries from the U.K. to our EU customers happen seamlessly and within agreed transit times."

Małgorzata Czyżewska, Senior Manager Logistics EMEA, Global Logistics, Energizer Central Europe

“Europa moved quickly, knowing that we needed to act fast to ensure our shipments moved smoothly into the EU. Within 2-3 days we were up and running, and now we are confidently moving upwards of 200 pallets per month. For our business, the main priority was to deliver against our customer promise – that there would be no change to deliveries now compared to pre-Brexit – and Europa has allowed us to keep that promise.”

Debbie Wade, Senior HR Manager, ITW ShineMark Foil & Thermal Films

“After having interactions with other carriers, Europa certainly come out at the top of the list for what they are offering. We would 100 per cent recommend Flow to others – it’s a first-class service and we know that as the landscape continues to develop, Europa Road will be monitoring and maintaining close contact to ensure we are always in the best position going forward.”

Don Neville, Managing Director, RichardsApex Europe Ltd

“We had not used Europa before but were really keen on using such a bold and clever solution which Flow presented, so decided that was the best option. It’s a brilliant product. Our customers in the EU are happy and transit times are back to how they were - it’s now a totally seamless operation."

Stateside Skates CEO, Alistair Crichton

why your EU customers will love europa flow

No brokerage agreements required

No PoAs required

10,000's of pages of paperwork eliminated

10,000's of hours of administration saved

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